LUMITEK IR Sensor Cards work on a principle known as “Electron Trapping”.

Our phosphor-based compounds are employed to absorb and “trap” incoming light energy from a shorter (ambient light) wavelength (the electrons are driven a higher energy level), and release that stored light in the form of visible light upon stimulation from a longer IR wavelength. This phenomenon can be called up-conversion, because the lower frequency IR is converted to a higher frequency visible light, The visible result is a localized glow which is relative in intensity to the amount of stored light and IR power levels exciting the active area.

LUMITEK’s up-or down-converting materials allow to see the IR or UV radiation by naked eye providing a diffuse localized visible glow for detection and location of IR or UV sources. These sensors provide a low-cost and effective alternative to laser beam finders and beam profile instruments by providing the user with an instant visible pattern for determining beam location and approximate beam size of various sources (e.g., IR emitting lasers, diodes, remote controls, optical fibers, infrared spotlights, etc.).

Artist’s conception of Electron Trapping