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Laminated sensor cards

Most popular (and less expensive) sensor card type is the laminated one. The letter R (reflective) at the end of the part number means that the image of the IR beam is visible only on the front (exposed) side of the card. The letter T (transmissive or translucent) at the end of the part number means that the image of the IR beam is visible both side of the card. With the same IR intensity the image looks more intense using R type cards because of the reflective backing. They are available with all of our materials.

The phosphor layer is laminated between clear plastic for a wide range of near-IR detection and imaging applications. They are available with all of our phosphor materials and measure 2.5″x 4″ overall with a 2″x2″ active area, 1.25″x3.35″ overall with ¾” x ¾” active area, and 4.5″x7.25″ overall with 4″x5″ active area. Other sizes available on request. Note that the UV sensor cards have no laminate over the phosphor layer so as not to inhibit the UV transmission.

Additional Details

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Rigid backing cards for beam alignment

These sensor cards have a rigid polycarbonate substrate that is 1/8″ thick. The dimensions are 2″ x 4″ with a 2″x2″ active area and come with either a concentric circle (CC) or x-y axis reticle (AP) pattern. All are available in T (transmissive) or R (reflective) version. They can be clamped, drilled, bolted, or otherwise affixed to various fixtures for permanent installation. Both have measurement lines of 2 mm increments. They are available with all of our materials.

Optical glass sensor screens

Optically clear 27 mm diameter glass with your choice of one of our phosphors which is adhered to one side of the glass substrate. IR radiation emitting from your laser or LED source will be visualized from either side of the sensor screen.

Adhesive backed sensor screens

Thin, flexible screens may be cut into any desired configuration and attached to most surfaces by peeling the protective back and pressing in place. The phosphors are coated on transparent Mylar with a membrane adhesive back. This sensor screen is not laminated. The sensor screen will have the greatest IR sensitivity when bonded to a reflective material but may be applied to transparent material for viewing from both sides of the screen. All of our phosphors come in this format. Custom sizes are also available.

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